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HO Yin Ping: self-introduction
I did on several occasions take young chess players to Children Chess Olympiad. Thousands of students at international primary schools have benefited from my 19 years of teaching success. Most of them played for school chess team. Several became junior champions in Hong Kong. I also represented Hong Kong in World Women Chess Championships (Asian Zone) and World Chess Olympiads from 1984 to 2005. In the past 19 years, I developed junior chess in HK. I am Chief Organizer of HK Junior Championship, HK Inter-School Championship.
Course suitability
Beginner to tournament player level
Learn chess rules. Think strategy & tactics. Practice Opening, Middle-game and Endgame. How to WIN the Chess War ?
1. Resource deployment
2. Concentration power
3. Strategy thinking
4. Analytical power
5. Logical thinking
6. Mental discipline
7. Result focus
8. Sportsmanship
9. EQ coaching.
    White to play, Mate is 3