HoYinPingChess︱Learning Chess is fun!
HO Yin Ping: self-introduction
1.   24 years of experience in teaching thousands of students. 
2.   Many of my students represented their schools and went on to *become* HK          junior champions
3.   She took players to the Children Chess Olympics.
4.   For 24 years, she had developed HK Junior Chess, as the Chief Organizer of          HK Junior Championship and HK Inter-School Championship run by the HK            Juniors Chess Club.
5.   Represented Hong Kong in World Women Chess Championship (Asian Zone)        and World Chess Olympics.
6.   A FIDE Master and FIDE Instructor.

Mind sport
Every chess master was once a beginner. Outrageous chess moves and 
unexpected tactics decide who is the winner. Try to play a beautiful game 
worthy of a brilliancy prize. Chess is a mind sport that is played by 
millions of people worldwide. One doesn't have to play well, it's enough to 
play better than your opponent. 
LESSONS are open to:
Students whose levels are beginners, intermediate, advanced, 
and students who participate in open tournaments. 
Benefits to students:
1. Logical thinking is strengthened
2. Analyse and visualize in a deeper way 
3. Develop a mind that thinks in terms of strategy and tactics 
4. Speed of thinking is increased
5. Winning is important but good sportsmanship is vital to character development